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Enlightened Jewellery Monthly Subscription Package

Monthly Subscription coming direct to you!

Monthly Subscription coming direct to you!

Are you someone who loves getting packages delivered to your door? Eagerly awaiting to see what order has arrived? Do you love gemstone jewellery?

Each and every month

The first week of the month, we design, package and deliver a new crystal or gemstone piece direct to your door.

Using the highest quality gemstones and crystals, we design pieces such as bracelets, necklaces and key charms

Suncatchers, earrings and our beautiful multi-layered gemstone bracelets. Each month giving you a delightful surprise of crystals and unique jewellery pieces

By subscribing to our Enlightened Jewellery Monthly Subscription Package, you get the following:
1 or 2 Pieces of gemstone jewellery each month (valued up to $80.00)
Exclusively made pieces (Priceless)
Exclusive Website Discount Codes (Up to 50% off codes)
Choose to donate your month to a friend or family for their birthday (we deliver it to them)
3 monthly exclusive online market event and auctions for members only (Save up to 70% off)
Delivery included in subscription package (Valued at $8.95)

We have hundreds of testimonials and have been asked for something like this for some time, we are excited to be offering this to you all. You can also opt to put the subscription on hold any time you like if you need, opt to have your months package sent to a friend instead, or even cancel anytime you like!

Subscribe before the last day of the month to receive next months subscription package. To join our subscription and start receiving your packages, click the subscribe button below.

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