Chakra Gemstone Jewellery - Meditation Bracelets - Chakra Necklaces

The vibrations from Chakra Gemstone Jewellery is perfect in helping to align and balance your chakras. Many of our meditation bracelets feature all 7 chakra gemstones which include Amethyst, Blue Lapis, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian and Red Jasper Gemstones.

Individual chakra gemstone necklaces have as their main focus a silver chakra symbol and the associated gemstone. These are Crown - Amethyst Gemstones, Third Eye - Blue Lapis Gemstones, Throat - Aquamarine Gemstones, Heart - Aventurine Gemstones, Solar Plexus - Citrine Gemstones, Sacral - Carnelian Gemstones and Base - Red Jasper Gemstones.

Other elements are also incorporated within different bracelet and necklace designs for their spiritual and emotional meanings. Black Lava Stones are used for their earthy grounding properties, while spiritually Hematite Stones are also excellent in keeping yourself connected to the earth, so that your spiritual learnings and travels can be done safely with things learned brought back to daily life more easily.

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