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What's happening at EJ Creative Flair

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Hello and welcome to all that have signed up on my website. It has been quiet a while since my last update on what's happening at EJ Creative Flair.

It's been quiet a few hectic months for me, as most would know that have been following my Facebook page, my father passed away a couple of months back and this did affect my desire to create.

But one of the loveliest things that happened whilst I spent a  week with my Dad before he passed was that he noticed my jewellery that I was wearing each day I visited him in the nursing home, which was lovely and reassuring because my father was not a man to say much, and even at that time in his life he managed to say my necklaces were pretty.

I sincerely thank everyone that sent me messages of condolence during that time and kept visiting my page. It was very reassuring that I had genuine fans of my work. :)

What's happening at EJ Creative Flair?

On other things that have been happening at EJ Creative Flair, my give away recently was fun and three of my specially crafted pieces were given to lovely ladies from Victoria, and Queensland, Australia with the third going to New Zealand. Unfortunately one person who was randomly selected did not respond until 4 days later so missed out on one of the major pieces, though I sent her a small gift once correspondence happened, which she was thrilled, so that went to the United Kingdom.

A huge milestone took place in the month of May with my Facebook page hitting 20,000 fans. That was so amazing and I am so pleased that so many like my jewellery. :) 

Some of you may of noticed I have been posting new earrings and bracelets with cabochon? This process is such fun and I love making items with glass and artwork as it lends itself to so much creativity and scope. The reception of these pieces has been wonderful. Also I have started to introduce more gemstones into my pieces, and will continue doing this, as gems are just beautiful to work with.

Future pieces I will be introducing will be ice resin pendants, which will allow for me to try different ways of creating interesting and different individualised pendants. I hope you will enjoy those as I bring them to you all.

Finally, I have had an increase in people requesting personalised items made, which I love doing and I have been creating pieces for fund raising and auctions for organisations and also had a piece featured in a give away in the United States. As I said, quiet busy few months, but I am enjoying each and every moment of creating and exploring jewellery making - even the failures, yes there have been a few! Always happy to hear from my fans and meet your requests.. remember, if I haven't got it, I will find it so I can make your special piece.

Feel free to leave me comments on here, or contact me via the contact option here also.

Cheers ~ EJ


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