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Welcome to EJ Creative Flair

Welcome to EJ Creative Flair - Handmade Gemstone Bracelets

Firstly I wish to thank you for taking the time to visit my site and appreciate your interest in my designs - without you, this means nothing.

I intend this blog to be an insightful look into what is my journey in creativity and also an opportunity for you all to get to know me and understand my designs as I create, individualise and offer them for purchase. This may include what has worked, what hasn’t worked to create a final piece. Sure, I may repeat designs or certain pieces for customers because of their popularity, but each piece will be different as the human hand cannot replicate twists and turns of wire or exact placing of beads. I don’t do moulds – though some of my pendants will be, it is what I create from them that will make my items unique and individual.

I also want this blog to be interactive, as I am a people person’ and my creativity extends from what my customers desire to be made for them. So you will be able to write comments under each blog, and leave your suggestions, or even email me from here. I sure hope you do.

A bit of a background on me, and the business name choice- EJ Creative Flair. The ‘EJ’ comes from my first and middle given names of Erica Jane. I grew up with this as a nickname, and have often been referred to by it from family or close friends. Throughout my life thus far, I have dabbled in a few craft avenues from crochet when I were 12 years old to making pottery objects during pregnancy. Crochet came about because my mother (god rest her soul) was the most amazing and patient knitter. The elderly lady that owned a wool shop in our suburb in Victoria Australia kindly offered to teach me in the back of her shop, in between serving customers. I loved making items back then. My first piece I made, being a crochet hat. Not an easy thing to start off with, but I did it! Later on whilst I were pregnant with the last of my four children, I started making pottery items, with decals and selling those at markets stalls to bide my time of being off work. This was some 20 years ago I did that, and from memory, before the cottage industry was really taking off and we didn’t have all this technology of Facebook, and networking. Back then, I was creating gorgeous items, people wanted to buy, but family had to come first, so after the birth of my youngest son, I returned to ‘earn a living’ in the mainstream workforce. Later returning to do further study in Community services when I was 30 years old.

In 2007, I packed up what I could into my car, and drove 3500 kms to where I currently reside with my husband who I met here after he had done the same from South Australia. We both agree we had a strong desire to move to Cairns Queensland. Maybe it was initially to take up a position in my chosen field of community services, but three months after arriving, I met Paul and we married last May 2012 in Vanuatu. We currently reside in a house that oversees a gorgeous mountain range and a balcony that I often sit on and plan my designs, visualising the piece and how it will look. Very inspirational environment with proximity to some of the world’s greatest wonders – The Great Barrier Reef is on our door step, so to speak and the Daintree and Cape tribulation is only a couple hours road trip to be in a majestic and inspiring environment. In September 2012, after 17 years of working in roles including carer, supervisor and middle management in Disability, Aged and finally in Youth Work, I decided I needed to do what would make me happy. My husband also works in the field. Understanding where I was coming from, he supported and encouraged me throughout establishing my page, and designing this Web site for me. Yes, he is a very talented man in his own right also.

Well, that’s enough about me and how my venture began. I hope it gave you a small insight to me and this website and enables you to feel you can correspond with me, be it either on here or use the option of emailing me personally from here. Please continue to follow my journey and if you want, subscribe to my blog, as I will be putting up sneak peeks, news updates and photos that will not always be related to my pieces, but inspiring and interesting just the same. Until my next blog- which won’t be as long as this one, trust me!!!! Enjoy whatever you are doing  ~ EJ

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